QUIET ON THE SET!!!……Hollywood came to PHILLIPS!

Thanks to Mellen Production and Location Services the past two months have been very exciting around PHILLIPS!  It all started about 4 months ago when Mellen toured our office and selected PHILLIPS to be added to their list of “modern” spaces.  After that, they sent in a photographer to get some shots around the office. Once this was complete, we waited, which is the hardest part….luckily we have many architectural and engineering projects to keep us busy!!

After about 2 months of not hearing much from Mellen, our office was chosen by a textile company that required an office with a modern flare to shoot their commercial! It was a pretty small shoot, involving approximately 6 people and a single conference room. Next, came a print ad shoot for a company that makes uniforms. They make everything from t-shirts to button up shirts that include an embroidered company logo. Finally and the most exciting yet, a “mystery network” selected our office to shoot some promotional material for a new show that will be premiering soon! This shoot involved approximately 40 people and took 12 hours. They used both of our main conference rooms, and the reception area.

This entire process has been a wonderful experience for everyone in the office and we look forward to working with Mellen on more projects!


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